We offer


Spacious bright boxes


Opportunities to run in small groups - all year round


Litter with straw and/or miscanthus


Own feed production of hay and hay silage in best quality


Outdoor and indoor riding arena
20 x 60 m each


Keeping the horses healthy and relaxed

For us, it is not the mass that counts here!

Our top priority is a well harmonized stable community. That is why we limit ourselves in this division to a small group of horse owners who can share their passion for horses with one another and not against one another.

Individual needs for the horse are taken into account, discussed and tried to be implemented in the best possible way. With good riding surface conditions, we can offer optimal training opportunities. According to the weather, exercise in small groups on meadows or sand paddocks ensures orderly social behaviour and pure relaxation for the horses in the East Frisian North Sea air.


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